Ask yourself: Is what you're doing with your horse right now really what you want to be doing?

Give Your Horse What He Really Wants - Work On Your Confidence So You Can Have A Harmonious Relationship Like You've Never Experienced Before

De-Spook You's mission is to help equestrians achieve their ideal partnership with their horse by helping the rider focus on working outside of the saddle, to help with confidence in the saddle.

Fear is a part of life; it helps keep us safe from harm’s way, and in proper doses adds an element of excitement and risk to our lives. But when fear stops you from doing what you love, it’s no longer fun and exciting, it’s paralyzing.

You strive to have that special partnership with your horse and if you aren’t getting the fulfilling experience you really want because of fear and confidence, then De-Spook You is for you.

What’s Affecting Your Ride?

  • Are you thinking “what if” and allowing those thoughts to limit what you do?
  • Are you hesitant to try new things or practice fear busting techniques because you’re wary of the judgment from others?
  • Have you had an accident or fall, and now you’re scared or terrified to even get back on your horse let alone canter or jump him so you just graze him or let someone else ride?
  • Does the fear of being out of control or getting dumped give you that rubber legged feeling that might include butterflies, feel sick to your stomach, shaking or shivering,  trembling, paralyzed, or lump in your throat that makes it impossible to relax and have fun?
  • Do you catch yourself making excuses and procrastinate why you can’t do what you planned to do with your horse just to avoid what may happen?
  • Are you critical of your own abilities to the point that you talk yourself into believing all the reasons why you can’t do it?
  • Are you carrying around the mental and emotional “junk”; the thoughts, beliefs and especially the subconscious gremlins that keep you from having the horse experience of your life?
  • Do you take steps forward only to fail and become frustrated, unfocused, angry and scattered without a plan A or plan B?
  • Are you worried or panicked because you’re getting older and don’t feel as athletic, capable, or invincible as you did when you were a kid, and that thought depresses you?
  • Have you tried to push through the fear only to become more afraid in the process?
  • Do you feel trapped and too entrenched in the situation to see from the outside-in?
  • Does your trainer not have the time to help with your fears beyond the riding lesson, and you don’t know where to go for help?
  • Do you keep fears a secret, ashamed to admit you’re scared or afraid of being judged, so you push through and now just dread time with your horse?

If you aren’t getting the full experience with your horse that you would like to have because of confidence, De-Spook You!

We work hard to help our horses become “bomb proof” and confident, well now it’s time to De-Spook You.

My clients, who are professional and Olympic hopefuls, backyard riders and everything in between, have shared with me the thousands of dollars they’ve spent on training gear, clinics, lessons, books, DVD’s, CD’s etc all to help their HORSES overcome fear and become more confident.  Then there’s the time that they’ve spent; days and weeks going to clinics and lessons only to come home and not be able to practice what they learned because they’re out of the “safe” clinic or lesson environment.  Frustrating!  And then there’s the mental and emotional “junk” that we carry around with us; the thoughts, beliefs and especially the subconscious gremlins that keep you from having the ride of your life.

How much have you spent on helping yourself become more confident!?!  More often than not, the missing piece of the puzzle is you, not your horse!  There are 3 components to making the perfect horse and rider team; the horse, the rider and the rider’s mental and physical fitness.  Most of the time, we focus on improvements for our horse, and leave the rider components out of the picture.  If what you’ve been doing isn’t working for you, it’s time to try something different!

Your trainer (if you’ve chosen the right one for you) can help you with your horsemanship, but they typically don’t have the want, time or expertise to help you with your confidence beyond the riding lesson.

“I am an accomplished equestrian, riding every day with a premier riding instructor. However, there has always been a challenge with my confidence even though it’s ever so small, which has kept me from reaching my true potential and my horse reaching his. Within the first three weeks of De-Spook You, I was amazed at the small things that made such a BIG difference! As we progressed through the twelve weeks, I continued to progress with my horse so much that we were able to accomplish flying lead changes, the start of a piaffe and feeling great cantering outside in the open! I am so happy that I was introduced to Anke and the De-Spook You! coaching that she provides, and I know if my horse could write part of this, he’d be saying thanks too!!”
Diane in the United Kingdom

This year, make it YOUR year.  If you have a horse and want more confidence so that you can have that ride of your dreams, the one you imagined when you first got into horses, you owe it to yourself to do the home study De-Spook You.

You’ll be amazed at how much more those clinics, lessons, books, DVD’s pay off when YOU have the confidence and leadership that you need to be the partner your horse wishes you would become in your relationship with your horse.

De-Spook You!…

  • You and your horse can become confident together
  • Make your clinics, lessons, books and DVDs payoff
  • Progress at your own speed

Discover 8 Confidence Keys

  1. Creating your Wheel of Confidence~Take the reins by understanding exactly where you are now, and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.  Your assessment and your master plan.
  2. Understanding The Gremlin~Ever get excited about doing something, and then hear that little voice telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t?  Then the “what if’s” start.  Send the Gremlin out of the arena as you understand what makes it tick.
  3. Uncovering Beliefs and Your Belief System~Give yourself a leg up and understand how your beliefs may be halting you in your tracks.  So often we underestimate what we are capable of, and we build false beliefs based on fear.  Learn how to understand what supports positive beliefs that will have you reaching new heights and beyond!
  4. Mastering the art of Small Steps that equal Big Changes~Pony up to the incredible power of taking small steps, or what I call “rising to your potential” with RiSNG~Ridiculously Small No-Fail Goals.  All clients agree this small, simple tool is a huge, easy process to learn and then use over and over again.
  5. Granting yourself the permission to Advance and Retreat~Honor your threshold as you would your horses by advancing and retreating.  Using this tool plus the concept of taking small steps will launch you further ahead with your goals than you’ve been able to attain in years!
  6. Creating your own Risk Analysis~Fill your saddle bags with tools that you have with you all the time, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  If you want to feel confident that you have what you need when you need it, this will do the trick.
  7. Blasting the “What if’s”~Understand how procrastination,  judgments, expectations and responsibility affect your mind’s creative genius to conjure up all sorts of disasters and negative thoughts, and how to change this thinking!  If you can dream, you can conquer the negative what if’s!
  8. Engaging your Watcher~View yourself from the outside in, and clearly see how your actions are sabotaging the very success you are dreaming of and reaching for.  Being able to observe your action as a neutral third party will give you the gift of unbiased opinion so that the decisions you make are not based on the emotion de jour

“Over the 12 weeks we had together taking the course, I’m taking away a process to move out of stuck and overwhelmed to confidence in successful gains.  My goals are now attainable and not just fading hopes.  This has saved my life physically, emotionally and spiritually.  My natural self is showing up again and I will always cherish her from now on out!”
Shirley in the USA

Test the waters of Home Study coaching by taking a self directed journey that is tailored to the horse owner who wants to conquer their fears in a safe, private and self managed environment.

Each week you’ll receive via email a series of videos, audios and print matter to steer you towards a stronger, more relaxed and confident you! This program is designed to meet the needs of the busy professional or rider coming back to riding in their later years. Taking into account all styles of learning, this program will help you to learn, understand and then apply all the information delivered.

With no video lasting longer than 15 minutes, you can decide when the best time would be for you to forge forward with this weeks concepts introduced.  Audios back up the concepts and material learned in the video, convenient for you to listen to in your car, home or while you’re working out.  Wherever, whenever!

Worksheet and other support materials in PDF format supplement the concepts learned in the audio and video, and allow you to put your practice to principle.

Just because this is virtual and home study, doesn’t mean that you don’t have support beyond the materials presented.  You can email me with your questions once each week, so that you’re guaranteed to move forward at a pace that you decide is the best for you.

Once the program is completed, you’ll have access to the materials for an additional 3 months until your access code to the member center expires.  This means that you can continue to learn and evolve, accomplish your goals as you use the tools and skills you’ve learned to accomplish the goals that you’ve set.

The Goals of Virtual Home Study Coaching are for you to:

  • Work in an independent, flexible and powerful environment where you are the driver, and where you have easy access to the support and accountability you need in order to succeed.
  • Use self directed coaching as an introduction that will help you to pursue the resourceful and creative internal you.
  • Gain confidence in your actions as you move through the change process, and understand the power of ridiculously small no-fail goals.
  • Accomplish much more than you have in the past and feel a greater sense of success.
  • Become aware of the things that will promote your physical, emotional and mental health, and be able to easily let go of the things that won’t.
  • Shed your disempowering beliefs that limit you in your partnership with your horse, and engage you empowering beliefs to accomplish today what may have seemed the impossible yesterday!
  • Be introduced to concepts that will engage the warrior within and use these skills so that they’re lifetime tools for you to use whenever the situation arises.

Each week you’ll receive:

  • A video explaining and demonstrating the new concept and materials for that week
  • An audio that you can download to your MP3 or a CD so you can listen to and further develop the concepts for the week shared in another learning style for optimal understanding.  You’ll also be able to continue your study “on the fly”, while exercising, cooking, commuting, or horsing around!
  • PDF documents that will help guide you through the exercises that will strengthen your understanding of the information shared.  These will be used in conjunction with the videos.  When applicable, these PDF’s will be “barn friendly” so that you can take your learning directly to the saddle.
  • The option of emailing Anke once per week to ask questions, share successes, or ask for accountability.
“Anke helped me to understand more about both my and my horses thresholds, which was the key to our confidence.  Not only that, she helped us to identify the small things that were creating some of the bigger problems.  By constantly creating awareness around situations and what we wanted to change, we were able in our group to far surpass our original goals that we had set out to reach.  Kudos to you Anke for not only creating but sharing such a wonderful course with us!”
Christine in the USA

Twelve Carefully Planned Out Modules

Delivered from this web site with reminders sent to your email inbox each week. Sessions include Orientation, 12 weeks of modules and conclude with Next Steps. That’s  baker’s dozen weeks of coaching in all!

Building a solid foundation: Your first six modules

  • Orientation – You’re in the gate and ready to go!  Start with your Risk Analysis plan that you’ll use throughout the program.  Find and secure your support person and with who you can be accountable.
  • Module 1 – Goal setting using the Wheel of Confidence Ridiculously Small No-Fail Goals™ (RSNFG™) understanding the power of taking Small Steps; part one of Breathing.
  • Module 2 – Your Comfort Zone Target ©, The EDGE and Thresholds; dealing with Gremlins; Fear is Good!
  • Module 3 –  Beliefs and your belief system (including Self Talk); transforming your negative “What ifs” to positive “What ifs”; understanding your blue print with the Belief Triangle.
  • Module 4 – Creating your positive Imagery part 1
  • Module 5 – Creating your positive Imagery part 2; reassess your Wheel of Confidence to see how far you’ve come; Helmet Cam videos!
  • Module 6Breathing part 2; Passive Leadership, becoming your horse’s leader by becoming your own leader…fair’s fair!; the Biology of Fear

Building on your foundation: the next six modules

  • Module 7The art of eating Frogs, or stopping procrastination before it stops you!; Motivation Math, (D x V) + F > R, are you the Victim or the Victor?; Procrastination Target
  • Module 8 – Success through Motivation even when you’re ready to quit; Love in the place of the Watcher Lapse and Relapse, so you fell off the wagon, now it’s time to get back on – with gusto!
  • Module 9 – 7 types of Fear Zones; Give yourself Permission to do what’s necessary for YOU; Saying Yes, Saying No; Irrational vs Rational Fears.
  • Module 10 – EFT (emotional freedom technique), an introduction.
  • Module 11Your Nutritional Health – nutrition’s role in riding; your Movement Health – movement’s role in riding; your horse is an athlete, you should think like one too!; Anke’s doing Yoga!
  • Module 12Thoughts from other De-Spooker’s; A visual gallery of clients and their equines!
  • Next Steps – options, course evaluation, materials to keep you De-Spooking long after we stop!; The Truth and Our Daily Practice, review your tools and skills, ensure they’re sticking
Really Anke?!

Is focusing on YOU really the answer to your confidence instead of focusing on your horse?

The answer is a resounding YES! Your horse will definitely give De-Spook You! a “hoof up” – maybe all four if he could!

Nothing blocks change (and fun!) quite the way fear does, and when its power is greater than your power to push through it, fear can be devastating.  We can see evidence of this every day in the lives of others or even our own lives.  For instance, it could be the difference between being grounded with your horse, or enjoying a careless run through open meadows. It can also be the difference between being relaxed standing next to your horse, and fearing your horses presence on the way to the barn in your car!

“De-spook You!” self directed home study coaching helps the participant better understand where their fear comes from, and how to overcome this feeling of anxiety in a non-forced, safe and productive manner.

Instead of letting fear stop you one step short of your goal, “De-Spook You!” will help you develop healthy habits and behavior patterns using proven tools and techniques that benefit you mentally and emotionally and give you the support you need in a safe and secure environment.

“Fear persuades you to do less than you are capable. Squash your fear gremlins and start horsing around without limitations!”
Anke Johnson
“My and Denver’s relationship has certainly grown in the past 12 weeks.  I’m better able to recognize his thresholds and therefore, respect that he’s hit a threshold and not push him through it.  And amazingly, he seems to be having less thresholds because of that! I would highly recommend taking any course from Anke.  I think the biggest takeaway is learning to break things down into tiny, tiny no-fail steps.  It’s amazing how quickly you can move forward by doing that.”
Karen in the United States

My clients have shared with me the things that they want to do with their horses, and most of the time what they want to do and what they actually do before starting De-Spook You! coaching with me are two entirely different things.

Discover more joy and gain confidence to:

  • Go on trail rides or longer trail rides
  • Ride my young horse at a confident canter in an English saddle or bareback
  • Ride without fences or boundaries
  • Ride bareback
  • Show in walk/trot/canter classes
  • Riding other horses besides my own
  • Confident dressage, learn piaffe and passage
  • Practice lower level eventing
  • Attend small local shows
  • Canter on the trails, anywhere
  • Be ready for most anything on the trail
  • Ride a “new” horse
  • Get on feeling good and relaxed
  • Ride by myself and feel comfortable
  • Just ride my horse instead of being grounded
  • Eliminate “what if’s” and fear of falling and the consequences
  • Ride a spooky horse with confidence
  • Learn not to be terrified when things go down hill
  • Ride without shaking or feeling sick
  • Have my horse stay with me regardless of the circumstances (insert circumstance here!)
  • Feel physically and mentally great after you ride
  • Enjoyable a better partnership with my horse
  • Be a more interesting partner and trustworthy leader
87% of Horse Riders Surveyed Said They’d Enjoy Their Horse Time More…If They Had More Confidence!

After surveying hundreds of equestrians, over 87% (yes, 87%) said that if they had more confidence, they would enjoy their horse time more. By learning and putting into practice the 8 Confidence Keys, you’ll be able to focus and get your mind, your emotions and your body ready for this season’s horse play.  Make this your champion season!

If you’re putting on airs about your fears, it’s time to give yourself a leg up.  Gone are the days of hiding behind your fears and hoping that one day it will just get better and you’ll get over it.  Pony up and take a look at the 8 Confidence Keys to find out if it’s time for you to gain a little horse sense about your fears, what drives them and what to do about them!  Join others who want to make this their best season with their horse, by De-Spooking You.

You would do most anything for your horse’s health, well being and happiness; we as equestrians know that.  I’ve spent small (okay large, but don’t tell my husband) fortunes for my horses health and well being!  We wouldn’t give our horse half of the recommended dose of a joint supplement if they were sore, or buy a saddle that “half fits” him, we wouldn’t buy a bridle with just one rein, so why do we only pay attention and nurture half of the horse/human partnership?  Our role in the horse and rider team means that we have to be as healthy as a horse, be straight from the horses mouth in regards to our fears, and have enough horse sense to take the time we need with our equines for both of us to have fun and quality time together!

Are your palms still sweaty?  Does your stomach still have butterflies and are you gripping your chair while taking small, shallow breaths?  No worries!

When in doubt, let your horse do the thinking!

Take the first step. There’s no risk except to stay stuck exactly where you are with your horse right now…if you try something different your potential for gain is unlimited! You have no idea how great your ride could be!

Like the man says…

“Horsemanship is difficult, because it requires that we work on ourselves”
Buck Brannaman

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that my De-Spook You! virtual home study program can help you realize some of the “wants” and release you from fears, that I’m willing to give you a money back guarantee.  For the first 30 days (that’s from Orientation through the first 4 sessions), you can try De-Spook You. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can cancel within 30 days and receive your investment back, no questions asked. However, your feedback is very important to me and to your fellow riders, so if something’s not just the way you want it, please let me know so I can improve it for future equestrians taking the program. That’s it! No catch, no games, you get to try the program for 30 days through the 4th week with the peace of mind that if it’s not for you, you can cancel for a full refund.

De-Spook You!…

  • Work on you outside the saddle, so you and and your horse can become confident together in the saddle
  • Make your clinics, lessons, books and DVDs payoff
  • Progress at your own speed

“Coaching with Anke is making the dream of riding and being with my horses more a reality instead of just a wish! By finding a person outside my family to be accountable to has helped me to actually achieve my goals, and not just hope that I achieve them. I have spent more quality time with my horses now than I have in many years, and I’m no longer just going out to the barn to groom, I’m actually back on them! It started by just getting on and sitting, and now I’m up to walking without boundaries like a fence or arena, and feeling great. Next step, trotting!”
Rachelle in the United States
“Because of my work each week with Anke, I’ve learned how little steps lead to big changes fast!  I’ve achieved more in this 12 weeks with my horse than I have in the past two years!  She seems to be enjoying spending time with me, and even when the herd members are calling to her, she’s happy to be with me.”
Sue in the United States
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